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Motor Club of America Joining & Membership

What makes Motor Club of America different from other motor clubs?

To start, Motor Club of America offers many more membership options than leading motor clubs, which makes the company more affordable for the average person. It also offers a wider variety of benefits, many of which are unique (like our Livestock & Farm Equipment Theft Rewards, Bail bonds and accidental death benefits with child care income for surviving spouses). Motor Club of America also supports local businesses in communities around the US and Canada and offers its members the ability to refer new customers and earn income to cover the cost of their own memberships and more! Very few other motor clubs do all that!

What makes Motor Club of America different from other work from home opportunities?

Unlike other home businesses that only pay their affiliates a small percentage of each sale, Motor Club of America pays it’s members up to $90 per sale! That’s more than 200% in commissions! There are also lots of other ways to earn income and health bonuses. The most important difference in Motor Club of America and other work from home opportunities is the exception offering of benefits. These are services every individual, family and business in this country can use and benefit from on a daily basis. They are currently nearly 50 million individuals in need of (and required to have) the kinds of benefits we provide. That means there’s a built-in customer base that is ready for you to tap into. These aren’t fad products like the lotions, potions and pills sold by other home business opportunities. These are affordable & useful services that nearly 50 million Americans are in NEED of!

People are saying that Motor Club of America is a scam. What's the truth?

The truth is that it’s not. Motor Club of America associates earn the majority of their commissions from the sale of actual services, not recruiting. When you sign up as a member you receive real documentation, including your membership and discount cards, in the mail. Your benefits can be redeemed through real companies, pharmacies and health care facilities. And our associates earn real money. Many have provided proof of their earnings online in the form of pics of their checks or screen shots of their back office sales pages and bank accounts.

How do I sign up?

To sign up, click here and fill out the short form to register. Be sure the field marked Sponsor ID says 11655457. If it doesn’t, delete what is in the field and enter 11655457. Then click the register button and you’ll be taken through the process of signing up. If at any point you get confused call your MCA Mentor direct at 516 828 1458 to walk you through the process.

What payment methods does Motor Club of America accept?

Motor Club of America currently accepts all major credit cards and eChecks. We do not accept Paypal, pre-paid cards physical checks at this time.

Can I pay with a pre-paid card or a Visa / Mastercard gift card?

Our system is not set up to handle these types of cards because many of them do not allow businesses to easily bill customers on a recurring basis. There is also no official information tied to these temporary cards. While they can be used, they often return errors that result in billing issues and interruption of membership services. As a result, we advise that customers only use valid major credit cards or bank drafts through eChecks.

Why am I forwarded to a website that says TVC Matrix when I go to sign up?

You were forwarded to the TVC Matrix website to complete your purchase because Motor Club of America is owned by TVC Marketing Associates. The TVC arm of the company handles all e-commerce and associate transactions. Essentially, they are different divisions of the same company.

When can I start using my motor club benefits?

Immediately! You’ll just need your member ID # to do so, which you’re provided with as soon as you sign up. You don’t need to have your official membership card in hand to redeem many of the benefits we offer.

When will I receive my membership information in the mail?

It normally takes about 2 business weeks (between 10 and 12 business days) to receive your membership card and other documents in the mail. Please be patient and wait the full 2 weeks before contacting customer service, particularly if you’re signing up around the holidays. There may be issues or delays with the mail that are out of our control and which we cannot provide information on.

Does my membership cover my whole family?

Most of your membership covers only the person whose name is listed on the membership card. However, you can use discounts and accidental death benefits for dependents and other members of your immediate family, such as spouses.

What should I do if I need a tow or another service provided by my benefits?

If you need to request roadside assistance of any kind, please call our toll-free number at 1-800-227-6459 and choose option #1 to request roadside assistance. Our hotline will then dispatch a professional in your area and that professional will get in touch with you within a few minutes.

How do I cancel? Can I get a refund?

To cancel, you will need to call Associate Services at 1-800-227-6459 and choose option #4. Be sure to have your member ID # ready to provide to your customer service rep. You will then be walked through the process of canceling your membership. The service agent you speak with will discuss your situation and inform you as to whether you will be able to receive a refund.

Can I join Motor Club of America if I live in a country other than the US or Canada?

Unfortunately, we do not recommend that you join Motor Club of America as a motor club customer or associate if you do not reside in either the US or Canada. Our benefits can only be redeemed in these countries, our support staff are equipped to handle support only for major languages in these countries, and there might be legal requirements such as licenses needed that you would not be able to apply for or provide proof of.

Motor Club of America Associate Information

Can you really earn up to $90 per sale? How?

Yes, you absolutely can! Our associates earn $40, $60 or $80 per sale depending on the membership sold. When associates sell 5 or more memberships per week, they earn anywhere from $82 up to $90 per sale (for the MCA Total Security membership) as a bonus. There are also other bonuses available for reaching sales goals and residual income earned when downline members make sales of their own!

Do I have to have a license to sell Motor Club of America motor club memberships?

Some states do require a license for anyone wishing to sell motor club memberships. This is because the benefits provided are similar to insurance and provided by an insurance company, so they must be regulated. For a map and list of licensing requirements by state, please see pages 20-21 of your MCA Recruiter / Trainer Manual, located in your back office under Sales Support.

How and when do associates get paid?

Motor Club of America associates are paid weekly for sales made before midnight CST the previous week. In the past, associates have had the option of being paid by check (sent via UPS) or direct deposit. We are now moving to a completely direct deposit system, so associates can receive payments directly to their bank accounts.

How do I submit my bank account information for direct deposit payments?

Motor Club of America provides all associates with a direct deposit form, which can be printed, filled out and returned by mail or fax. You may also call in to submit your information. The direct deposit form can be found on the first page of the MCA Training Manual in your back office once you’ve signed up.

Does Motor Club of America really need my SSN or tax ID? Why?

Yes it does. Just like when a job or any other affiliate program pays you, your SSN or tax ID is needed to legally report information about payments made to you. This sensitive information is entered through your back office, which is a secure site. It is not used for any other purpose.

What kind of training and support will I get if I sign up with you?

All of our members receive access to training documents and presentations from the company via their back offices. Our team members will receive 1-on-1 support from our National Expansion Leader Pamela Anderson and access to exclusive marketing services and tools or discounts on those tools!